About Us

Hey bitches, my name is Jamie and this is my prince charming fiance husband, Brandon.
I haven't always been this into cooking, but since I met my prince charming over 5 years ago and he told me he's never had a woman (besides momma) that's cooked for him, I dropped my jaw and immediately started making a mental list of things I HAD to cook for him.  Since then, we both have started to really love cooking and we are comfortable enough now to be able to experiment and try new ideas.  Our ideal date night is making a steak dinner on the grill together, drinkin' some beers, and watching Star Wars.  Yeah, its love.

Just a couple redneck Michiganders doin' what we do best...

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at contact@rockabillygrillin.com

Thanks and lots of love!

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